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21 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

21 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Looking for inspiration for your wedding day hairstyle? Well, look no further!

When scouring the internet in search of the perfect wedding day hairstyle, brides-to-be are usually presented with feeds of endless images and tutorials for styles that require longer locks. But, that’s not to say the perfect wedding day look can’t be achieved with short hair, too!

Here are 21 of our favourite wedding hairstyles for short hair. For any advice or more inspiration as you prepare for your big day, get in touch with our bridal hairstyle specialists today.


1 - Flower crowns

Flower crowns are the perfect accessory for a Spring or Summer wedding. They instantly add a touch of charm and interest to the overall look.


Flower crowns


2 - Headbands

Headbands have been all the rage in recent years so why not keep your wedding day hairstyle on-trend with one?




3 - Hair clips

Both pretty and practical, hair clips are a great accessory to add to your wedding day hairstyle. Available in every size and style, clips can be used to make a statement or as subtle finishing touches to elegant understated styles.


Hair clips


4 - Crystal barrette

A stylish, statement-making crystal barrette is the perfect accessory for your special day.


Crystal barrette 


5 - Loose curls

For lob-length hair, loose curls are perfect for creating an elegant yet laid-back look.


Loose curls 


6 - Polished curls

Or, opt for something more pristine and proper with tighter, polished curls.


Polished curls


7 - Blunt cut bob

A blunt cut bob is a timeless style that is perfect for your wedding day. Whether you choose to keep hair perfectly straightened or waved, we can guarantee that you’ll look back at your photos with no regrets!


Blunt cut bob 


8 - Half up half down

This is a popular style for longer hair but, works just as well with shorter locks too.


Half up half down 


9 - Pinned up-do

A pinned up-do is a great way to keep hair secure and out of your face as you enjoy your big day.


Pinned up-do 


10 - Soft waves

For a natural, effortless look, soft waves are an ideal option.


Soft waves 


11 - Sleek side

For something with a bit more edge, why not try sleeking back the hair on one side of the head? Hair can be secured with accessories or keep the look minimal and dramatic without.


Sleek side 


12 - Full fringe

A full fringe will definitely make a statement on your wedding day and is a cut that works well with a range of styles, including straight, curly and pinned up-dos.


Full fringe


13 - Swept fringe

A fringe swept to the side is another effortless wedding day style. The layered pieces of hair that fall around the front of the head will help frame the face.


Swept fringe 


14 - Pixie cut

Pixie cuts have a reputation for being daring but for any bride-to-be already rocking the style, or thinking about taking the plunge, this look is guaranteed to make a memorable statement on your big day.


15 - Braids

Braids are another popular wedding day hair style for both long and short hair. Although longer ones typically make use of a full head of hair, on shorter styles, braids can be added to small sections as an accent or subtle detailing.




16 - Infinity braid

Why not switch a normal braid for a striking infinity braid? These add more intricate detail to the look and can be accessorised with clips or flowers.


Infinity braid 


17 - Voluminous up-do

Add more drama and impact to your wedding day look with a voluminous up-do.


Voluminous up-do 


18 - Low bun

Low buns scream class and elegance so are the perfect style if that’s the look you’re going for. Once secured, you can focus on enjoying your big day with no worries, concerns or headaches!


Low bun


19 - Sleek centre part

A sleek centre part style is simple yet classic.


Sleek centre part ​​​​​


20 - Ombre

If you’re looking to do something different for your big day, why not opt for a colour change? Ombre styles have been the talk of the town for a while now and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon!




21 - Platinum

Platinum has also been having its moment in recent years. This colour works particularly well on short hairstyles and looks great with various dress or outfit colours!




For more information on any of these looks, or for more wedding hair inspiration and advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.