Hair Extension Price List

All prices include a consultation, colour match, hair, installation, cut, blend and styling (Insta glam waves of course!)

Our booking process:

Before a hair extension fitting can be booked, we strongly advise to come for a consultation at my hair extension salon in Nottingham (about a 15/20 minute drive from the city centre)

This is important so we can discuss how to achieve your desired result and I can answer all of your questions.

Consultations require a £10 non-refundable deposit and will be deducted from the total cost of service.

Please click below to see prices for each method.

Weave prices – LA Weave, Invisible Weave, Braided weave

Micro ring prices

Nano ring prices

Tape extensions prices

Hot fusion bonds prices

Beautyworks clip in extensions

During your hair extensions consultation appointment, I will assess your hair, make sure it is suitable for hair extensions and give you all information about how to prepare your hair for fitting and how to look after your hair extensions.

At your hair extensions consultation appointment, we will go through the aftercare and also colour match your hair so your own hair will blend in perfectly with your extensions.

Consultation appointments typically take 20 minutes and is done at my hair extensions salon in Nottingham, NG12.

(Please note that the hair will be ordered in especially for you and usually takes 2-3 days to arrive. Please allow enough time and book your appointments as early as possible)

If you are going for a “ring method” you will be required to have a ring allergy test done, which you can go away with in your hair until you come back for your fitting appointment. This is to ensure you have no allergies to the rings used.

If you are satisfied and wish to go ahead with a fitting, an upfront payment is required by bank transfer in order to purchase the hair and the balance will be due at your appointment which can be paid by either bank transfer or cash.

Please note that it is a strict payment system, so no monies are paid after a service has taken place. If you are not paying for your balance in cash at your fitting appointment you must do it via bank transfer whilst at your fitting appointment.

N.B we do not accept Paypal.

We will make you an appointment to install your hair extensions and the hair will be ordered in for you ready for our agreed appointment.

If you can't attend your fitting appointment, please give me at least 48h notice. Not showing up for fitting appointments or giving me less than 48h notice will result in losing your deposit.