Bridal hair course in Nottingham


From our years of experience in the hairdressing industry, we’ve picked up a trick or two. And now, we want to share these with you! 

Our bespoke hairdressing courses in Nottingham are centred on helping you learn new skills in order for you to enhance your salon offering and build your confidence as a hairstylist. 

Whether you want to learn how to do new wedding hair styles or are simply eager to learn how to braid hair for friends and family, we can provide a tailored training session for you. If you have a fulltime job, then the part time or evening hairdressing course should be ideal for you.

Our hairdressing courses for adults are available in Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Chesterfield and further afield and prices are dependent upon individual requirements. So, if you’re interested in brushing up on your skills, simply, get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide a quote. 

Each session will be tailored to the styles you wish to learn and current skill level – but don’t worry, we can provide training to suit all! And no matter what these may be, you can expect to walk away from a course with new knowledge and skills, tricks of the trade, greater confidence in your abilities and plenty of time saving tips to create hairstyles that are just as impactful.

Our courses can be delivered in the following formats: 

One to one hairdressing courses in Nottingham and Beyond

A dedicated hairstyling masterclass delivered at your pace. Get hands on practice of your chosen hairstyles, with the ability to ask questions, take photos and notes and really hone your new skills. 

  • One to one – or, train with a friend
  • To be booked as a 3 or 5 hour session – 3 hour sessions typically cover 2 -3 hair looks, 5 hour sessions cover 4 – 5 looks
  • Delivered at our salon in Nottingham
  • Hair courses are available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays
  • Framed certificate of completion provided 

To book a session, please do not hesitate to get in touch


Hair course focussed on a specific skill, for example, learning how to braid hair 

A hair course designed to focus on mastering a particular hairstyling skill, for example, learning how to braid hair. This bespoke hair course is perfect for complete beginners to braiding as well as the more confident hair braider.

  • One to one – or, train with a friend
  • Great for mums/dads to learn for their children - hair braids for school, hair braids for parties etc
  • Takes the stress out of learning how to braid hair in a hands on way; perfect if you wish to know how to add braids into your own everyday hairstyles
  • The time of session booked can be flexible dependant on how many braids you wish to learn. Typically for the basic braids (french braid, dutch braid and fishtail braid) we would cover this over a 2-3 hour session
  • Delivered at our salon in Nottingham or if in the local area we can offer this on a mobile basis and come to you
  • Can either work on hair mannequin heads which are provided at your session, or you have the option to provide your own hair model to practice on during the session
  • Hair courses are available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays
  • Framed certificate of completion provided 

To book a session, please do not hesitate to get in touch


Group hairstyling training courses in hairdressing salons

A fun team experience where skills and tips can be shared and collectively developed. These sessions are ideal for small salon teams looking to diversify their offering and enhance their business. 

  • For groups of up to 6 people max
  • Can be delivered at your hair salon 
  • Half day or full day hair training courses available 
  • Tailored to your hair salon stylists skillset and requirements 
  • Framed certificates and goody bags included for attendees 
  • Available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays   

To book, please get in touch with your location and we will quote from there.


Our courses are ideal for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn a new skill 
  • Those wanting to learn how to braid hair on themselves or on children
  • Stylists starting out in the wedding industry 
  • Experienced stylists wanting to polish up on skills and techniques 
  • Hairdressers wanting to improve and build confidence in particular styles for clients
  • Wedding makeup artists wanting to offer a full hair and makeup package 
  • A small salon group looking to improve their bridal hair and occasion hairstyling service for clients

For more information on RocknRollerHair training courses and to get available dates and prices, please click here.



Frequently Asked Questions


I am a local hairdresser in Nottingham, and I struggle with updo styling skills. Can you help?

Yes, of course! Our courses are perfect for hairdressers looking to improve any hairstyling skills. We have trained complete beginners to hairdressers who have been in the industry 30+ years but lack in confidence in achieving particular updos or other styles.

Whether you want to learn a few specific styles or simply, brush up on a variety of techniques, our hair courses can be tailored to suit. You will be guaranteed to leave with lots of tips, techniques to work on as well knowledge of products and tools that will help to achieve the finished looks you desire. 

Our courses are run from our home studio in Nottingham, or we can offer in-salon hair training to small groups. 

I am unsure if I should book a 3 hour or a 5 hour bridal hair training course with you, what do you recommend?

A 5 hour course is a more intense day of training designed to provide you with a good grounding for producing a variety of styles. We aim to cover 4 – 5 looks per session as well as lots of techniques and tips that can be applied across different looks. However, this is entirely dependent upon your abilities and the speed at which we are able to get through each style.

A 3 hour course is ideal if want to learn a couple of specific hairstyles that you’ve been asked for by clients or have seen and feel you lack confidence in doing. In these sessions, we aim to cover 2 – 3 full hairstyles. 

Both hair courses cover a variety of tips, including braiding, which are essential to learn in the hair industry. 

I’ve been a hairdresser for 20 years and can put hair up confidently but I’m looking to develop my skills and pick up some new techniques, are you able to accommodate me?

Yes, absolutely! Our courses are very flexible in catering to different abilities and experience in the hair industry. We can show you tips and techniques you may not have thought of doing to create updo or hair down styles that can not only save you time, but also still look good. 

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and trends often change, so we aim to help you to modernise your work so you can meet today’s client requirements. 

Q: What is included in a hairdressing course?

The courses are tailored to your individual requirements. Typically, you would bring along an idea of a few styles you have seen that you want to learn how to tackle or, techniques you want to go over to build confidence. 

In any session, you can expect to acquire new skills and techniques as well as knowledge on tools and products that can be applied across different hair styles. 

Can I take notes and pictures?

Yes, of course. We are happy for you to take notes, photos and videos throughout a training session as we know how easy it is to forget things once you’ve left and come to try them out for yourself. 

If you do share any of the photographs you take of your work during the session, we request that you tag us on social media, as it helps to spread the word – Instagram: @rock_n_roller_hair Facebook: /RocknRollerHair

Do you offer product recommendations and tips on social media?

Absolutely! We have tried out tonnes of hair products over the years so have learnt (sometimes the hard way!) what works and what doesn’t. We also pay close attention to industry professionals and social media influencers in the hair industry, sharing our learnings along the way. 

You will leave the course with improved product knowledge and tips and ideas for your social media.

We are a hair salon outside of Nottingham, are you able to come out to us to do a hairstyling training session for my colleagues?

Absolutely. We run hairstyling courses in Nottinghamshire, Derby, Loughborough, Chesterfield and further afield. Simply drop us a message with your requirements and your location and we will provide you with a quote from there.

Do we receive a certificate on completion of the session?

Yes, our clients receive a framed certificate on completion of our hairstyling course, which you can display in your hair salon, studio etc.

 I would like to learn how to braid so I can do my daughter’s hair, is this something you offer?

Yes of course! Braiding and braid styles are so popular now and we think it’s an essential skill to learn in the hair industry, or for anyone wanting to braid their family and friends’ hair

Simply, send us a message with your requirements and we can arrange to either come out to you or for you to come to our studio for training. 

We can cover everything from basic hair braids to French braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids, pull through braids and so on. 

Can I bring pictures of styles I’d like to learn in one of your hairstyling training courses?

Yes absolutely. Always have a look through our social media (Instagram @rock_n_roller_hair) for inspiration or Pinterest, Google etc. and bring along a few ideas of what you would like to learn to create.