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Wedding hair client in Nottingham

Why You Should Get Your Wedding Hair Done Professionally

Although many of us have experience doing our hair and makeup, when it comes to the big day it’s a different experience entirely. There are many reasons to hire a professional bridal hair stylist in Nottingham, and they are all rooted in looking and feeling your best on your special day. Read our top reasons why you need a reputable stylist on your wedding day. 

1. Be Stress Free!

Of all the reasons to hire a professional, this one stands out to me as probably the most important benefit. Take it from our experienced brides – your wedding day is likely to be busy and there’s no doubt that unexpected challenges will arise, but there’s no reason why your appearance should be one of them. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about unreliable beauticians while also ensuring all other parts of the wedding are delivered on time. Any vetted professional will meet with you prior to figure out your style and do a trial run of the hairstyle you want, this way any creases can be ironed out before the real wedding.

2. High Quality Products and Experience

It’s not that you aren’t already breathtaking, however industry professionals have an in-depth knowledge of hair types, scalp problems, and product benefits, so they know what will work best for you! Hair stylists are testing the quality of hair products every day, and are consistently finding the best ones that are designed for flexibility, wearability and longevity, to make sure you look your best all day (and evening) long. You simply can’t put a price on experience, and the luxury of having them perfect it, since that’s what they live for – your beauty.

3. Ensuring Perfection

This is one of the most important pieces since the majority of your day will be in front of a camera of some kind. A professional hair stylist will be able to sculpt your look in a way to make sure it always looks great in front of the camera and on the screen or photograph at the end. The attention to detail is what you’re aiming for here, and only an experienced stylist can provide it.  Perfection is the key, and why settle for any less?

Having a relationship with your hair stylist is an important part of the experience, especially as they’ll likely be invited to your home, so it becomes very personal. You need to be able to trust them, so it’s important you get the right hair stylist for you! Feel free to contact me at, and we can chat about what you want from your day to make your wedding day the best, stress-free experience it can possibly be!




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