Braided, Invisible Weave, LA weave Prices

BEAUTYWORKS                                       OTHER (RUSSIAN/MONGOLIAN HAIR)

Celeb choice weft (120g)                                 Full head (150g)

16” dark £230                                                    16 inch £270

      Light £260                                                   18 inch £285

18” dark £240                                                    20 inch £310

      Light £280                                                   22inch £340

20” dark £260

      Light £300                                                   Extra full (200g)

22” dark £275

      Light £310                                                  16inch £345

                                                                         18inch £355

(Special shades quoted on request)             20 inch £380

                                                                          22inch £400


Gold double weft (150g)                                  Fine Half head (100g)

18” dark £300                                                   

      Light £330                                                  16inch £210

20” dark £310                                                   18inch £220

      Light £340                                                   20inch £235

22” dark £325                                                   22inch £250

      Light £360

24” dark £510                                                  (if different length is required get in touch for a quote)

Light £550


(Special shades quoted on request)

If the Beautyworks INVISI WEFT range is required, this is quoted for on request

Russian/Mongolian hair. Life span up to 12 months (sometimes longer, always subject to client aftercare & regular maintenance schedule).

Ombre, Root stretch and mixed shades available.

All prices are a close guide & will be confirmed at the time of quotation in your consultation appointment. This is due to things such as, type of colours required for the hair (e.g. if any special colours are needed) and any unknown supplier hair price increases)


Weave Maintenance, Removal & Aftercare

Maintenance appointments are essential to ensure that no damage is caused to your natural hair and should be booked in approx. every 8 weeks.

Maintenance includes:

Removal, brush out, re-fit of rows & styling

Maintenance: £50

Removal: £15


Aftercare – Beautyworks price list

Argan oil shampoo 250ml (sulphate free) £10

Argan oil Conditioner (250ml) £10

Clarifying Shampoo (250ml) £10

Argan Oil mask (250ml) £10

Argan Serum (90ml) £10

Heat Protection spray £10

10in1 Miracle Spray (250ml) £10

Dream Shine (300ml) £15

Dry oil spray (200ml) £12

Dry shampoo 300ml £14

Hair Extension Oval Bristle Brush £12


All prices include hair, fitting, blend and styling

Consultations require a £10 non-refundable deposit and will be deducted from the total fitting costs. 

Visit our hair extensions page for more information.